Best Sicbo Sites in India


Sicbo goes with various different names, such as Tai Sai, Dai Siu, Big and Small and Hi Lo – but online casino sites tend to use either the first or the last.

Sic Bo is a very popular casino game in India (both in physical and online casinos), although it has now become more mainstream across the whole world.

It is a dice casino game, and players place their bets on certain conditions that if satisfied by the particular dice roll, they will win. Check below how to play Sicbo and a list of the factors playing into the best Sicbo sites in India, which offer this casino title.

Bets & Odds in Sicbo

There are only 13 possible bets in Sic bo and this casino game is played with 3x dice.

Big – total score of 11-17, which pays 1:1.

Small – total score of 4-10, which pays 1:1.

Odd – an odd number will appear, triples excluded. Pays 1:1.

Even – an even number will appear, triples excluded. Pays 1:1.

Specific Triples – a certain number will appear on the dice. Pays 180:1.

Specific Double – a certain number will appear on at least 2/3 dice. Pays 11:1.

Dice Combinations - at least two of the dice will form a combination (e.g. 8 and 9). Pays 6:1.

Single Dice Bet – a particular number from 1 to 6 will appear on any of the three dice. Pay-outs vary based on the numbers of single dice you get.

Four Number Combination – a combination from 6-1 that includes 3x numbers in a sequence wins. Pays 7:1.

Three Single Number Combination – dice will form a combination of three different numbers. Pays 35:1.

Where to Play Sic Bo?

The online casino market is pretty chaotic with many new sites offering Sicbo appearing in India. There are, however, a few factors that you can consider when picking a Sic Bo site:

  • License – make sure that the site carries a license and that it is valid. You don’t want to play on a scammy casino.
  • Bonuses – look for bonuses that you can use on table games and live casino games, otherwise you won’t be able to play Sic Bo for free.
  • Payment methods – make sure that the site offers various deposit methods to transfer your money and a customer service team that will be there for anything you might need.
  • Demo Play – Sic Bo is a confusing game for many, so it’s great if you can find a casino site that offers demo Sic Bo or free to play Sic Bo!
  • Live Dealer – Sic bo comes in video tables and live dealer rooms. Make sure that the site you choose to play offers both of the above options.

Last Thoughts on Sicbo Sites

To wrap up this blog in regards to the best Sicbo sites in Indiawe must not forget to mention that this game with dices requires a great amount of luck. Nonetheless, there are multiple bets available, with some offering pretty good odds for the players.

If you are after the big prizes though, then remember to add a bit of spice to your gameplay – by betting on some ‘Specific Triples’ or ‘Specific Doubles’.

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